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Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there.

Our team of certified counselors from different bodies, trained counselors from number of Universities and colleges guide you through. We take individual care of our students on each and every step from taking decision until the departure.

7+ Years of experience

Garden International Education started its operation from April 2010. So it’s been 6+ years we are in abroad study service. We have been succeeding to provide our services to 200+ students and they have been settling academically and are in peak of their careers. During this period, we have earned lots of love, respect from parents and students.

Genuine Counselling

Our team members have 5 years plus working experience in abroad study counseling. So we are capable to provide genuine counseling about careers of students. We also help students to find suitable colleges, Universities and right course which could help them to make their career better and do not need to feel regret in their life.

One to One Counselling

We believe in personal problem solving so we do One to One Counselling and try to heal the problem of students making them easy to find suitable country, institution and course so that our counseling could make positive impact in their life. Personal counseling is most important to tackle all the personal problems so we also provide opportunity to the students to meet with University/college representative and talk about their course, scholarships etc.

Many More

Garden International also provides test preparation and we conduct regular class test, mock test so that students can improved their confidence high.

We also try to solve our students’ documentation query because they are stuck on documentation also when doing processing and many other helps we do.

Garden International Statistics

7+ years of experience, we have successfully helped hundreds of students achieve their dreams come true starting right from choosing right college/university to landing on the dream land to achieve success.

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Garden International Education

With a slogan, “…where your dreams bloom”, Garden International Education has been established as a place where students can realise their dreams. We provide them with every facility required for the selection in their higher education abroad that aims to be practical and useful in their abroad stay. The facilities that we provide are regarding Language Classes, Test Preparation, Counseling, Documentation, Visa Preparation, Departure Briefing etc. Our aim is to provide such facilities not only for the students who are in urban but also for those who live in rural areas. So we are planning to expand our educational branches in the major parts of the nation. Similarly, we also seek to offer good Colleges and Universities to the students as their educational background, financial capacity and career plan.