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It’s our immense pleasure to introduce Garden International Education among you. Collecting huge experiences from about 7 years of involvement in this field, we have come with a motto,” Where your dreams bloom” and will do our best to cater our students with quality services with a belief that their future is safe in our hands. Our aim is to scatter this service all over the country so that not only the urban but also the rural students could get benefitted and make their future better through our guidance.

We have planned to run this company according to our parents and students suggestions. We will give them chance to choose country and college as they wish and give our valuable guidance to secure the best destination for their career.

We keep in mind that company not only means for business but also for service. So, best quality and best service will be our focal point of interest.

Finally, we hope that every parent and student, who enters from our door, will get a pleasing experience of being associated with us. Moreover, they will definitely be benefitted from us and will prove to be our main assets for communication and advertisement.

Thank You.


With the brunt of globalization in present context, Nepal, being a small nation, also could not remain immune to effects of global changes in terms of technology and education. We have lately observed a trend and necessity among youths going abroad for study, most of them being for quality education and a prosperous career.

With a slogan, “…where your dreams bloom”, Garden International Education has been established as a place where students can realise their dreams. We provide them with every facility required for the selection in their higher education abroad that aims to be practical and useful in their abroad stay. The facilities that we provide are regarding Language Classes, Test Preparation, Counseling, Documentation, Visa Preparation, Departure Briefing etc. Our aim is to provide such facilities not only for the students who are in urban but also for those who live in rural areas. So we are planning to expand our educational branches in the major parts of the nation. Similarly, we also seek to offer good Colleges and Universities to the students as their educational background, financial capacity and career plan.

Objectives of the Company:

Our objectives are to provide quality services to our students all over the country. The major objectives are listed below:
1. To promote International Language- for this, we conduct classes of different foreign languages such as English, Japanese, French, Korean, Germany and many more.
2. To prepare students for abroad study- for this, we run preparation classes of different tests such as IELTS, TOEFL,GRE,GMAT,SAT,EPSKLT,JLPT etc,
3. To provide authentic counseling- for this, we provide good counseling regarding their stay, education, expenses and opportunities in different countries such as USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEWZEALAND, GERMANY, JAPAN, KOREA, UK, etc.
4. To launch new programs- for this, we have made plan to launch new programs by which students could get to their destined place.
5. To prepare students for visa application- for this, we give our helping hands in better documentation, filling of the visa forms, assisting them in bank loans and bank balances, finally applying for the visa.
6. To make preparations for their flight- for this, after their visa is issued, we help them with their ticketing, backpacking and different information about the weather, environment, culture, etc. of the destination nation.

Business Promotion

Garden International Education believes in promotion of the business through different means of communication such as Media advertisement, Social Media Advertisement, Newspaper advertisement, Event organization, Seminars and Sponsoring different events. We believe that when we promote our organization, we at the same time introduce colleges and universities affiliated to us in our market. Similarly, we are planning to expand our branches in different parts of the nation.